BlackDeath Reaper

BlackDeath Reaper

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BlackDeath Reaper

The BlackDeath Reaper

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

VIBE Audio’s BlackDeath series is very well respected amongst serious dB drag and SPL competitors, and now we have added a monstrous heavyweight amplifier to the range, The Reaper.

The BlackDeath Bass 2, more commonly known as “The Reaper” is the biggest VIBE amplifier ever, both in size at 1 metre long and in power output- At 18v DC the Reaper is capable of with 14,500 w RMS @ 1Ω making it the ideal choice for those who want to become serious competition contenders.

Built to VIBE Audio’s usual high standards of product production, each Reaper undergoes VIBE R&Ds extensive testing and quality control checks to ensure when it reaches you it is capable of power delivery without compromise.

The BlackDeath Bass 2 is the ultimate competition amplifier and can be finely tuned to push your system to its peak performance with the on-board Low Pass Filter, Subsonic Filter, Bass Boost and Phase Shift controls. The Reaper also includes a Bass Remote (with 5m cable) to allow fine tuning of amplifier settings from the listeners position for optimum results.

Internal Shot

The Reaper has been engineered from the ground up for the most extreme power output possible. The Monoblock Class D amplifier is packed with the latest in cutting edge technology- Click the circuit board below for a more detailed breakdown of the Reaper’s internals.

More Voltage = More Power

The Reaper : terminals

More Voltage = More Power

The Reaper has twin zero gauge power terminals and a wide input voltage range, allowing it the versatility to be used across many different competition classes, from street class with a single 12v battery to extreme classes with 18v batteries.

BlackDeath Reaper settings

Push your subwoofers to the limit…

The Reaper features a Strapping Circuit which allows 2x Reaper Amplifiers to be combined to deliver the full power of both amplifiers into a single channel, meaning at 18v DC 2x Reapers can output 29,000w RMS @ 2Ω (10% THD) to a single channel.

BlackDeath Reaper Specs :

Type Amplifier   RMS @14.4v DC     Strapped Pair     RMS Power @18v DC     Strapped Pair     Frequency Response 5Hz-250Hz
Configuration Mono Bass Amp   4Ω Mono 1% THD 2,650w   4Ω Mono 1% THD 10,000w   4Ω Mono 1% THD 3,200w   4Ω Mono 1% THD 12,652w   Crossover Type LPF/ Subsonic
Height 112mm   2Ω Mono 1% THD 5,200w   2Ω Mono 1% THD 17,500w   2Ω Mono 1% THD 6,000w   2Ω Mono 1% THD 22,593w   Crossover Range 30Hz-250Hz
Width 1000mm   1Ω Mono 1% THD 9,000w   1Ω Mono 1% THD 21,875w   1Ω Mono 1% THD 11,600w   1Ω Mono 1% THD 28,241w   Topology Class D
Depth 363mm   1Ω Mono 10% THD 11,250w         1Ω Mono 10% THD 14,500w            

Current Draw

Configuration Input Voltage Inpedance THD Power Output (RMS) Current Demand
Single Amplifier 14.4 V DC 4 Ohms 1% 2650 Watts 199 Amps
Single Amplifier 14.4 V DC 2 Ohms 1% 5200 Watts 373 Amps
Single Amplifier 14.4 V DC 1 Ohms 1% 9000 Watts 714 Amps
Single Amplifier 14.4 V DC 1 Ohms 10% 11, 250 Watts 892 Amps
Strapped Pair 14.4 V DC 4 Ohms 1% 10, 000 Watts 835 Amps
Strapped Pair 14.4 V DC 2 Ohms 1% 17, 500 Watts 1425 Amps
Strapped Pair 14.4 V DC 2 Ohms 10% 21, 875 Watts 1781 Amps
Single Amplifier 18.0 V DC 4 Ohms 1% 3200 Watts 184 Amps
Single Amplifier 18.0 V DC 2 Ohms 1% 6000 Watts 368 Amps
Single Amplifier 18.0 V DC 1 Ohms 1% 11,600 Watts 796 Amps
Single Amplifier 18.0 V DC 1 Ohms 10% 14, 500 Watts 995 Amps
Strapped Pair 18.0 V DC 4 Ohms 1% 12, 625 Watts 1112 Amps
Strapped Pair 18.0 V DC 2 Ohms 1% 22, 593 Watts 1869 Amps
Strapped Pair 18.0 V DC 2 Ohms 10% 29, 000 Watts 2336 Amps


low pass filter iconLimits the amount of high frequency output
remote control iconAmplifier gain can be controlled from the front of the vehicle
mosfet iconHigh switching speed and greater stability
icc iconInternal convection cooling technology from internally mounted heatsink fins
class d iconHigh efficiency amplifier ideal for bass
subsonic filter iconLimits very low frequency output
strappable iconAllow 2 amps output to be combined into one
pro audio iconAudiophile sound quality with lowest possible distortion
24 dB crossover iconLinkwitz Riley 24dB crossover
parametric bass iconVariable frequency & boost at chosen frequency

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