Slick Twin Active Enclosure

2 x Slick Loaded

Loaded with the Slick Subwoofer the SLR enclosure should be your first choice for tight accurate bass.

a) The one piece Poly Propylene Cone is extremely strong and lightweight for fast and punchy bass.

b) The unique one piece rubber gasket and surround not only create a seamless look to the front of the woofer, but as the gasket and surround are one piece there is no possibility of these two parts separating even under high power conditions.

c) Dual progressive conex spiders ensures movement is 100% lateral, for the best possible control and stability of the woofers cone for high power handling and maximum performance

d) The angular torsion basket provides rigidity and support for the motor and moving parts of the subwoofer. The vented arms of the torsion basket cradle the coil and allow it to breathe cool air when in motion.

e) The Rubber Magnet Boot provides protection for the magnet to ensure a long product lifespan.

What’s in the box

» One VIBE Slick SLR Twin Active Enclosure
» Manual
» VIBE sticker
» 12 Month Warranty card

PowerBox Bass 1

This active enclosure contains the VIBE PowerBox Bass 1, a Class AB mono bass amplifier with a separate power amp to give superior sound quality.

Combined with the new extruded aluminum heatsink this also ensures efficient dispersion of heat. MOSFET power allows high switching speeds and greater stability than other FETs to improve overall performance.

It’s all in the details

The SLICK SLR Twin Active has it’s own built in active amplifier – a first for the SLICK range

VIBE’s patented A.R.B.S.S. (Anti Resonance Bass Support System) helps to reduce vibrations and enclosure resonance. Anti-VIBE feet further deaden vibrations ensuring bass is the only thing you hear.

VIBE R&D has used an N Wedge design, perfectly tuned to get the best out of the Slick Subwoofer. The N Wedge design maximizes transient response, reducing the negative effects that a small enclosure can have on the subwoofer by dispersing and dissipating standing waves away from the subwoofer.


active subwooferSubwoofer enclosure with integrated amplifier
arbss iconAnti Resonance Bass Support System
remote iconAmplifier gain can be controlled from the front of the vehicle
slick loaded iconSlick subwoofer loaded into the enclosure
wedge 2 iconMount facing or away from passengers


Height :

Width :

Depth :

Driver :

Impedance :

RMS Power :

Peak Power :

Turbo Ports :

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Active Amp built in :

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